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DOWNLOAD Remote Utilities 5.3 - Free Edition

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Remote Utilities remote desktop software – a powerful remote access program which can be used for remote administration and remote support alike.Remote Utilities is remote desktop software for secure access to workstations, servers and laptops over a LAN or over the Internet. You can view the remote PC screen and control its mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting right in front of the PC. With the Free Edition you can help your friends and family members and administer your own home network at no cost.

Remote Utilities 5.3

Full Control and View, File Transfer and other useful modes. Remote Utilities includes 15 different connection modes, such as Full Control and View, File Transfer, Power Control, Telnet etc. You can change the modes on-the-fly without disconnecting from the remote PC.
Unattended and attended access. Use the lightweight remote Agent module for spontaneous support and the installable Host module for total 24/7 unattended access to your PCs. You can connect to remote Agents and Hosts side-by-side from a single Viewer module.
Direct IP/DNS connection or easy-to-use ID connection.  If you are computer-savvy configure a direct IP-to-IP access to your PCs for ultimate lag-free performance. Alternatively, you can go with the easy-to-use ID connection that does not require any configuration. Both types of connection will work on a LAN and over the Internet.
Multiple simultaneous connections. Remote Utilities supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections in both directions — from a local PC to a remote PC and vice versa.
Remote webcam access and monitoring. Connect to a remote webcam attached to a remote PC and see what is happening in the room where that PC is located.
No annoying "Buy me" messages. The Free Edition does not nag users with commercial banners – it's absolutely clean and free for personal use. There are no time or traffic limitations.

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