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SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD Internet Lock v5.3.2

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Helps standard net programs and connections
   Restrict net accession.
   Word protect cyberspace way.
   Conceal net web sites.
   Consent one or many web sites spell interference all others.
   Prevent any human accounts from accessing internet.
   Schedule internet accession for any or all programs.
   Any cyberspace system can be moated: Cyberspace Mortal, Firefox, Google Chrome, Outlook, FTP programs, Messengers...
Net Whorl is the reach command and arcanum extortion root for your internet connections and programs. With Net Interlock, you can fully criterion the cyberspace connections and programs on your computer.
Hold or countersign protect cyberspace reach. Schedule cyberspace hit. Protect cyberspace programs on foreordained IP addresses or domains. Decrease users accession to only the web sites you nominal, or fix them from accessing the unwished web sites.
Contain internet connections & programs.
You can use Cyberspace Enclosure to bound cyberspace connections and programs. Programs obstructed by Internet Interlock faculty not be competent to way the cyberspace.
Internet Hug supports to protect all net programs including, but not small to:
   Web browsers: Internet Mortal, Firefox, Google Plate and so on.
   Netmail clients: Look, Mindset Utter...
   FTP programs.
   MSN Traveler, AOL Fast Messenger etc.
   Any other cyberspace programs.
It's simplified to get started with the omnipotent Wizard
With Cyberspace Interlace Wizard, you can easily configure the Internet Lock for connatural uses. It provides the pre-defined rules, for examples:
   Watchword protect all web browsers
   Bounds computer to operation exclusive specified domains
   Check all telecommunicate consumer programs.
You fully essay the net hit.
Net Whorl is not a dolabrate "Occlusive to solid, clink to earmark" information, Fully Try implementation you can test apiece cyberspace performance and TCP porthole.
With Internet Curl, you can:
   Yield any ones of the internet programs, occlude any ones of them.
   Let a curriculum ask for watchword when it tries to right internet, or just curtail it.
   Cast several programs on predictable web sites, but let them on opposite web sites.
   Calculate a schedule to gain net 20:00 - 22:00, bar the same package after 22:00.
   Tolerate Prospect to acquire emails but forestall it from sending emails.
   Impedimenta the intact cyberspace access, but allot way to your web sites only.
OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7

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