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GRATIS SOFTWARE Best Hacking Tool- HOIC Full Download

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A new DDOS tool is release by Anonymous called high-orbit ion canon or HOIC. This release is only for windows and has a nice GUI. If the attackers. see the home screen of the software.

There are two round buttons under the target label. Click on the+ sign to add a website to attack and - sign button is used to remove a website. Set the number of threads and increase it to increase the strength of the attack.

When you click on the+ button, a new window will open where you can specify following things

URL - is the target website to attack
Power -> sets the request velocity.
Booster - are config scripts that define the dynamic request attributes
HOIC includes a new feature called 'boosters' which are files you download or add to an attack machine which enables the attacker to manipulate headers such as language, referrer, host, etc.
To launch the attack click on "FIRE TEH LAZER!" button.

HOIC uses some randomization techniques to evade the detection.But there are some requests which can be used to detect. This tool is strictly an HTTP DOS attacking tool while LOIC has TCP, UDP and HTTP attack options.

As compared to LOIC, this tool seems to be more complicated. New Boosters script makes it harder to use. Becauase downloading and then configuring Boosters is not so easy. This new tool only focuses on HTTP attack.

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